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Water Heaters

Enjoy a Long Hot Shower

Roadrunner Plumbing can handle all of your hot water needs! Whether your existing tank needs a repair or maintenance or you need a new water heating system, the experts at Roadrunner Plumbing will look at your home’s unique situation and give you options so you can make the best choice for your needs and budget.

The average water heater lasts for approximately 6 to 12 years, but sediment buildup can affect the heater’s lifespan and performance.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, get a professional to evaluate your hot water heater right away:

  • Water temperature that’s too hot or too cold, which could indicate a thermostat failure or buildup of sediment in the tank
  • Water leaking from the top of your water heaters tank, which could mean a failed tank or fitting.
  • Rusty or brown-colored water, which could indicate corrosion within your tank
  • Unpleasant smell in your hot water, which could mean a failed anode rod or a high level of bacteria in your tank.
  • Banging or knocking sounds coming from your tank, which can mean a buildup of sediment on the bottom of your tank


When there’s a problem with your home’s hot water, our trained technicians will be there same day to diagnose the problem and offer solutions.


If your home needs a new hot water heater, Roadrunner Plumbing can explain your options and offer customized solutions based on the size of your home, your home’s power source and your budget.

We stock professional-grade products and appliances, so you’ll get a water heater you can rely on, along with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The cost of a new hot water heater varies depending on the size of the tank and whether it’s powered by gas or electricity. Whatever option you choose, Roadrunner Plumbing can handle it all: draining, disconnecting, removing and hauling away your old tank and installing your new gas or electric water heater so your family has hot water again, swiftly!


Prevent problems, improve efficiency and extend the life of your water heater with annual maintenance from Roadrunner Plumbing. The water in the San Antonio area is high in minerals. That can lead to sediment buildup in your water heater tank, which can cause problems over time.

Keep your family’s hot water flowing and avoid problems with Roadrunner Plumbing’s maintenance service, which includes:

  • Flushing your water heater tank
  • Ensuring all valves are sealed and hose connections are intact
  • Checking your anode rod (and replacing it if necessary)
  • And inspecting for any signs of damage or corrosion.

Help ensure your family has uninterrupted hot water with preventive maintenance from Roadrunner Plumbing!

Get the Roadrunner Plumbing Worry Free Guarantee!

Call the water heater experts at Roadrunner Plumbing today!
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Tankless, on-demand water heaters can be a great option, providing hot water on-demand, taking up less space inside your home and saving electricity by only producing hot water when you need it. They have a longer lifespan than traditional tank water heaters, providing additional cost savings.

Whether you’re considering making the switch from a conventional tank to tankless or you need to keep your existing tankless system repaired or maintained, call the experts at Roadrunner Plumbing to learn about your options! We’re trained and certified by Navien, one of the world’s leading tankless water heating systems.


If your tankless system isn’t producing hot water, call the experts at Roadrunner Plumbing. We’ll diagnose the problem and offer options for repairing your system to keep your family’s hot water flowing.


Roadrunner Plumbing can help you choose the right tankless system for your home. We’ll analyze your hot water needs, the size of your home and your budget to help you select the best option for your unique situation. We’ll install your new tankless system and drain, remove and haul away your old tank.

With our swift same-day service, your family can start enjoying an endless supply of hot water today!


Due to the high mineral content of water in the San Antonio area, sediment build-up is still a concern even with tankless water heating systems. Heat causes calcium and other minerals to separate from the water, producing a scaly white buildup on your fixtures and a mineral buildup within your tankless system. The tankless water heater experts at Roadrunner Plumbing can perform routine maintenance, flushing your tankless system to remove mineral and sediment buildup inside the unit to keep your hot water flowing!

Call the tankless water heater experts at Roadrunner Plumbing today!
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When you have a plumbing problem, you need it fixed now. That’s why Roadrunner Plumbing offers financing to help get your home back up and running again as quickly as possible.

Learn more about Roadrunner Plumbing’s financing options here!

Road Runner Plumbing Got You Covered

Worry-Free Warranty No one is perfect. At Roadrunner Plumbing, we offer a Worry-Free Warranty on almost all of the services we provide.

Our Worry-Free Warranty covers:

  • our labor and materials we use on your plumbing projects, whether big or small
  • ranges from 30 days to 2-years depending on the complexity of the service
  • ensures our customers know that we stand by our workmanship and the products we use
  • gives you the peace of mind you deserve

Ask our technicians about our Worry-Free Warranty and how it applies to your service.

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