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Leak Detection Services

We Will Find The Leak

Unusually high water bills, a water meter that keeps running or water in unusual places within your home are all signs there’s a leak somewhere in your plumbing system.

Even slowly leaking pipes can cause big problems, from water damage in your home to mold, mildew, musty smells and even respiratory issues. So if you suspect a leak, call Roadrunner Plumbing! We’ll respond swiftly to diagnose the problem, let you know what’s happening and present you with options for fixing it.

Roadrunner Plumbing uses advanced diagnostic equipment to detect even hard-to-find leaks so we can present you with options to solve the problem.

Signs you may have a leaky pipe in your home:

  • Your water meter is running non-stop, even when no water is being used
  • You find damp spots near toilets, sinks or bathtubs, or other places that should not be damp
  • Floors that are wet for no apparent reason
  • Damp ground near your home’s foundation
  • Mildew or mold forming
  • The sound of water running, even when no water is being used in the home

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Let our expert plumbers diagnose the issue and provide you with options for the repair.


Call the leak detection experts at Roadrunner Plumbing now for same day service!
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