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Sewer Line Repair & Install

We Keep It Flowing

Your sewer line carries wastewater away from your home and into your local sewer system, so it’s important that these lines remain clear, intact and functional.


Sewer line problems can happen for a variety of reasons, whether it’s due to pipes shifting as your home’s foundation settles or tree roots growing into your pipes. Even years of normal use can cause wear on your home’s sewer lines.

Know the warning signs of a damaged sewer line:

  • The smell of sewage in and round your home
  • A gurgling sound in your drains and pipes
  • A backflow of waste coming up your drain
  • Unusually green patches of lawn in your yard
  • Saturated, muddy patches in your yard or around your home

As with any plumbing issue, solving a problem early can prevent bigger, costlier problems later on, so call the experts at Roadrunner Plumbing today!

Sewer Line Installation and Tunneling

If your sewer line needs to be replaced, the experts at Roadrunner Plumbing can handle the job, including any necessary permitting from your municipality along with excavation, removal of old damaged piped and installation of new line. Call for an inspection and quote today!

Tunneling is a method that is used to repair failed sewer piping located beneath your home’s foundation. Roadrunner Plumbing uses the latest technology to accurately pinpoint the location.

Our plumbing experts are trained to diagnose and determine code approved building drain repairs under your foundation.

We collaborate with the local authority having jurisdiction for your area to obtain required permits and inspections. An engineering report will be conducted to ensure your foundation is not compromised before the tunnel is backfilled. This is usually the less intrusive option to repair the failed pipe.


Call the Sewer Line Repair & Install experts at Roadrunner Plumbing now for same day service!
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